Online CBCT Course

LEVEL 1 Dental CBCT for Referrers

This Online Learning course is based on the LEVEL 1 training criteria described in the current European EADMFR guidelines.

The program satisfies the current UK training requirements for dental CBCT as described in Public Health England's HPA-CRCE-010 document for CBCT Referrers.



- Modular Online Learning

- 24/7 on-demand access


£195 +VAT

(£50 discount if booked as a package with Level 2 course)


6 hours


- Dentists who are CBCT Referrers only

​Participants must have completed IRMER training within the last 5 years


After completion of the course participants should be able to:

- understand the rationale for CBCT scans

- appreciate the limitations of CBCT radiography

- recognise and understand the causes of common CBCT imaging artefacts

- explain the principles of CBCT

- assess the comparative differences between CBCT and 2D radiographic imaging techniques

- discuss the clinical justification criteria for CBCT examinations

- understand the risks of CBCT

- explain radiation protection and optimization procedures relevant to CBCT

- understand the role of CBCT in dental diagnosis and treatment planning

- explain the selection criteria relevant to CBCT

- recognise normal dento-alveolar anatomy when represented on a CBCT scan

- understand who should provide a CBCT radiological report

- explain current relevant CBCT guidelines and legal requirements

- understand the roles of a CBCT Referrer, Operator and Practitioner