CBCT in ENT/Maxillofacial

Maxillofacial Surgery

The main clinical applications of CBCT in maxillofacial surgery may be summarised as dental implantology, impacted and supernumerary tooth, OMF pathology, maxillofacial trauma, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, dentofacial discrepancies, and cleft palate.


In terms of ENT, CBCT imaging can be used to assess airway, paranasal sinus pathologies, nasal polyps, temporal and frontal bone anatomy, middle ear, and cochlear implantation.

We have invested into 3D ENT imaging programs and protocols together with Planmeca as well as using our internal expertise. The Planmeca CBCT unit offers a minute voxel size of just 75 μm (micrometers). This super-fine voxel displays an amazing level of clarity enabling a comprehensive examination. The imaging area is cylindrical and covers the majority of the head and neck region, suitable for specialised medical applications in ENT and the maxillofacial field.

We have listed below some of the indications, which would warrant a CBCT investigation in ENT