Here is a guide to our fixed and transparent fees. You will find that prices for scanning can vary significantly among the service providers. Rest assured that our fees reflect the exceptional quality and care and service you will receive with us and represent an excellent long term investment in your health.

Dental CBCT ScansQuadrant1 Jaw2 Jaws
DICOM Files£100£100£200
Romexis Viewer (MAC OS and Windows)£100£100£200
Maxillo Facial and ENT CBCT scansPrice
Scan only (any area)£220
Cervical Spine£100
2D ScansPrice
Digital Panoramic (OPG)£50
Digital Lateral CEPH£50
Digital PA CEPH£50
Digital Cephalometric£50
Full Radiology Report (Any Area) - 72 hour turn-around£90
Full Radiology Report (Any Area) - 24 hour turn-around£100